Resources for Children with Special Needs (RCSN)
Founded 30 years ago by three New York City mothers of youth with disabilities, RCSN's mission is to promote positive futures and enhance the quality of life for New York City children and youth with disabilities, through age 26, and their families. RCSN empowers families of children and youth with disabilities with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to make informed decisions, effectively access and navigate systems and services, and to advocate for themselves and other young people with disabilities and their families. RCSN supports educators, youth workers, and other professionals to partner with families for successful, person-centered services, and to support and promote a family voice in the policy process.

Animal Haven
Animal Haven is a nonprofit organization that finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the Tri-State area, and provides behavior intervention when needed to improve chances of adoption. Founded in 1967, we operate an adoption center in Manhattan. We also provide programs that enhance the bond between animals and people.

SOAR: Support Our Austism Rainbow
SOAR, or Support Our Autism Rainbow Foundation was created in 2004 by a group of parents who wanted their children with autism to learn from and form friendships with their classmates. Today, it has grown to provide a social development program for both Elementary and Middle school students across the Half Hollow Hills School District. SOAR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is entirely supported through fundraising. 100% of donations go directly to providing the social skills programs and increasing the understanding of autism in our community.

Hannah Banana Foundation
The Foundation brightens the lives of chronically ill, hospitalized and terminally ill patients by giving therapeutic gifts such as art supplies, toys, journals and activity-oriented books directly to patients while they are in care. They have reached over 12,000 patients at 16 hospitals since their inception.

The Lupus Foundation of America
The Lupus Foundation of America is the only national force devoted to solving the mystery of lupus, one of the world’s cruelest, most unpredictable, and devastating diseases, while giving caring support to those who suffer from its brutal impact.

Children’s Aid Society
The Children’s Aid Society helps children in poverty to succeed and thrive by providing early childhood learning. Caring begins before birth, through pre-natal counseling and assistance and continues through the high school years with college and Job preparatory training programs.

Charity: Water
A non-profit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of all public donations directly fund water projects. It was founded in 2006 right here in NYC.

miraclefeet increases access to proper treatment for children born with clubfoot in developing countries through partnerships with local healthcare providers. Clubfoot is typically curable, and the miraclefeet method treats children using a non-surgical method, which reduces scar tissue and pain later in life, reduces risk of relapse, and lowers costs for parents, thereby increasing accessibility for families. A child born with clubfoot in a developing country who does not have access to treatment may never walk, play sports, or even go to school, thereby continuing the cycle of poverty. By making the treatment more accessible, miraclefeet is changing the lives of these kids in a very meaningful way.

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit that welcomes all people—regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or any other difference—to build and repair simple, decent, affordable houses with those who lack adequate shelter.

The Park Avenue Armory Women’s Shelter
Lenox Hill Neighborhood House is a multi-service community-based organization that serves people in need on the East Side of Manhattan and on Roosevelt Island. Founded in 1894 as a free kindergarten for the children of indigent immigrants and as one of the first settlement houses in the nation, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House is the oldest and largest provider of social, legal and educational services on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Each year, we assist more than 20,000 individuals and families who "live, work, go to school or access services" from 59th Street to 143rd Street and on Roosevelt Island. We operate out of five East Side sites located between 54th Street and 102nd Street, with our headquarters located on East 70th Street.

The Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter
The Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter (NCS) is dedicated to providing housing and support that can transform lives. Together with its partners in the community, NCS's dedicated board, staff and volunteers demonstrate what neighbors can do to reduce, prevent and ultimately end homelessness. NCS was founded on the premise that homelessness is the responsibility of the entire community. Established in 1982 by religious and community leaders on Manhattan's Upper East Side, NCS offers an array of housing and comprehensive services, including counseling, substance abuse treatment, vocational and educational programs, and employment support. In addition, NCS conducts research to inform the development of policies and practices, and enhances public awareness and understanding

The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation
The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation was founded in 2000 to honor the memory of Joshua Harr Shane who was taken from us at the young age of 18. The Joshua Harr Shane Foundation has concentrated on helping children in various ways. JHSF gives back to the community; to help those in need of care, support, assistance and love and those less fortunate. Whether JHSF is donating toys to sick children in various hospitals around the United States, donating medical care and monetary assistance to families in need of help due to an ill family member or donating phone cards to the United States troops via Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base so that they can phone home for the holidays – Joshua Harr Shane Foundation is there to help. We strive to make a difference in the lives of others just as Josh did throughout his brief life. Our goal is to put a smile on someone’s face and brighten their day.